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DCVMN Secretariat

Intern, Mr. Sivashen Cunden

Mr. Cunden is responsible for supporting DCVMN PSPT project and the respective consortium members, within regulatory affairs and 3Rs, related activities.

Regulatory Expert, Dr. Nora Dellepiane

Dr. Dellepiane takes the lead on helping DCVMs overcome challenges around global vaccine registrations. (Consultant)

Senior Project Manager, Dr. Maureen Dennehy

Dr. Dennehy is administering various projects for DCVMN, and also manages the expert webinar programme. (Consultant)

Pharmacovigilance expert, Ms. Katharina Hartman

Ms Hartman is building a working group to strengthening pharmacovigilance functions. (Consultant)

Research Associate, Mr. Benoit Hayman

Mr Hayman is responsible for supporting DCVMN memberships and partnerships, members surveys and innovative technologies.

Supply chain Expert, Mr. Steve Jarrett

Mr. Jarrett is leading supply working group to increase supply efficiency (Consultant)

Intern, Ms. Tana Mc Cauley

Ms McCauley is responsible for supporting DCVMN working groups, particularly on regulatory affairs and 3Rs, and related activities.

IT Manager, Mr. Luc Machy

Mr. Machy is responsible for DCVMN’s website, and has recently developed an e-learning platform for DCVMN members. (Consultant)

Executive Secretary, Dr. Sonia Pagliusi

Dr. Pagliusi is responsible for all operations globally, donors relations, fiduciary, memberships and partnerships management.

Events’ Coordinator, Ms Sonia Villaseñor

Ms Villaseñor is responsible for coordination of events and Annual General Meeting 2020.

3Rs Senior Project Manager, Ms. Laura Viviani

Ms Viviani is responsible for supporting DCVMN in the implementation of 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) animal testing.


Multifiduciary Geneva handles all of DCVMN accounting activities, as well as taxes.

HR Manager

Responsible for salaries and social benefits schemes, as to local regulations.