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2021 Annual meeting materials

Agenda of the 22nd annual meeting Speakers book 22nd annual meeting Tuesday, 19th October 2021 Wednesday, 20th October 2021 Thursday, 21st October 2021 PRESENTATIONS 2021 Annual General Meeting presentation materials available for download (PDF): TUESDAY, 19th OCTOBER 2021 Session 1 – Inaugural Session D1 S1 2 Bruce Aylward_ACT-A The Vaccine Pillar Success Strategies D1 S1 5 David Kaslow_ PATH CVIA plenary Session 2 – Innovations in vaccine space D1 S2 4 Aurelia Nguyen_COVAX Facility 2021 and beyond D1 S2 6 Jerome Kim_IVI Actions taken towards developing accessible vaccines Session 3 – CEO Forum: Vision 2030 D1 S2 6 Jerome Kim_IVI Actions taken towards developing accessible vaccines WEDNESDAY, 20th OCTOBER 2021 Session 2 – Challenges & Opportunities in Vaccine Research & Availability D1 S3 5 Sinergium Biotech D2 S2 1 Melanie Saville_COVAX Manufacturing Task Force achievements and challenges ahead D2 S2 2 Etleva Kadilli_Perspectives of EPI vaccines distribution recovery affected by COVID-19 D2 S2 3 Pieter Neels_How the COVID-19 vaccines received EUL in less than 12 months from the day secquence was made available D2 S2 4 Kate O Brien_ Impact of C-19 on r.i. and mitigation strategies D2 S2 Carmen Rodriguez_ WHO EUL updates D2 S2 6 Raman Rao_Facilitating tech transfers in LIMCs Session 3- Innovative Financing Mechanisms to ramp up Manufacturing in Africa and other LMICs D2 S3 5 Kelvin Lee_ Supporting capability in HR resources D2 S3 6 Lin Xiangliang_Esco Aster_ Contract Mfgs an essencial part of pandemic response D2 S3 7 Jon Pearman_Temptime Zebra_ Breakthoughs in VVMs THURSDAY, 21st OCTOBER 2021 Session 1 – Priorities & Policies for LMICs – A multilateral View D3 S1 1_Gagandeep Kang_ Adopting New Technologies D3 S1 2 Frank Cobelens_ TB vaccine roadmap D3 S1 5 Tania Cernuschi_ Market Information for Access M14A D3 S1 6 Frederik Kristensen_ Enabiling vaccine R&D and Manufacturing in LMICs D3 S1 8 Jicui Dong_ World Local Production Forum Session 2- Facilitating Manufacturing Ramp-up – Suppliers View D3 S2 2 Tony Xu_Tofflon_ Best practice for Human Vaccine D3 S2 3 Vibin Joseph_ BiOZEEN approach to enabling vaccine manufacturing ramp-up D3 S2 4 Stephanie Krieg_ DCVMN BioE Session 3- Panel Discussion – Sustainable Manufacturing in Africa D3 S3 3 David Robinson_ Building for Sustainability

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